Each case is different, and while some cases may contain similar elements, widely different outcomes may still occur. The following are the experiences that some of our client’s have had while being represented by S|R’s attorneys. Visit with us today to see what might be done in your individual and unique circumstance:

Kurt Sweeney came into my high conflict divorce and child custody case during the middle and was able to get me custody of both of my kids!! He is so easy to work with and will answer any and all questions you have. Thank you Kurt for bringing my family back together and doing it with pure dignity along the way! God definitely led us to you when we needed you the most.

– Tiffany Bell

My experience with the attorneys and staff has been pleasant and informative. They have given me simple, straight-forward answers. They are friendly and put me at ease in a situation, in which I’m unfamiliar. Thank You!  

—Amelia L. Phelps

I have used this law firm a couple different times now. they are always nice. they will listen to you and do the best to help. only law firm I trust.

– Dottie Coshatt

“I have been with this law firm since 2007 and they have been a blessing for all my personal and business needs! Very professional and friendly staff. I highly recommend this law firm when ever you need legal council.”

-K. Cosar

This client needed representation in probate proceeding where her step-mother was attempting to disinherit her after her father died from cancer due to asbestos exposure. 

Through the firm’s efforts the Judge decided at trial that she was entitled to almost  50% ($278,000) from her father’s estate.

“Kurt & Associates,
My heart can’t thank you all enough for your support and representation.
It was with you and my family that I stood strong.
Thank You,”

—Christian Puckett-Smith

After this client and his grandson were held at gun-point by a neighbor who was upset that they were utilizing their easement to cross her land, he called the attorneys at [Sweeney | Rex]. 

A Pontotoc County jury found in favor of our client and awarded him monetary damages as well as punitive damages against the neighbor for her actions.

“All I ever wanted was for the truth to come out. Kurt Sweeney and Preston Draper helped me to do that. They were always helpful, diligent, well-prepared, and thoughtful, and I believe their skills during my jury trial made all the difference. If I ever need legal assistance again, they will be the lawyers I call.”

—Keith McDonald

Shortly after buying his $200,000 dream home near Ada, this client was horrified to find that the newly-constructed house was literally falling apart around him. 

After hiring the attorneys at [Sweeney | Rex], who filed suit on his behalf, he received enough money to repair his house and resume his life.

“You never know when you may need legal representation. Kurt Sweeney… worked to get us a fair and quick settlement. They were never more than a phone call away. We are proud to all them not just our attorneys, but our friends.”

—Brad Newman


 Just wanted to tell you thank you for all you did for my niece and her daughter. Our nightmare is finally over. I am so thankful to you. God truly blessed us when my niece contacted you to represent her. There are no words to describe how it feels to have this over with, and to finally see my great-niece home with her mommy. Life is good; this is the best thing that has happened to this family in a very long time. Thank you and God Bless you. We are forever in your debt.